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Boat & Water Safety for dogs

6 Sea-faring Essentials for the Doggie Aficionado

  1. Block the Sun   Nowadays there is Sunscreen for dog’s sensitive skin or another great option is a lightweight dog shirt with a built in SPF.
  2. Oh My, Get Dry  Bring extra towels for your furry passengers. If you’re not careful, frequent swimming can lead to irritation and infection. To prevent this from happening, be sure to dry her ears as thoroughly as you safely can after all water sports and activities. If your dog is prone to ear infections, you might want to pour a tiny amount of an ear drying solution made for dogs into her ear canals to help evaporate any water trapped inside. These ear washes, usually witch hazel-based, are available at better pet supply stores.
  3. No Salty Paws  Hose down your dog after an ocean swim to remove all uncomfortable salt.
  4. Keep an Eye on it   Goggles for dogs are fun and functional and help your dog see their way back to the boat, dock or you!
  5. Stay Afloat   Get a doggie Life Vest for safety at sea.
  6. Where’s Your ID   Make sure your dog has an up to date ID Tag on just in case he jumps off board. A Twigo Tag is a great option.

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