Turning up the Silence in your home with pets!

Quick Tips for some peace and quiet this summer.

  1. White Noise! Get an app or a white noise machine to help zone out the noisy neighbors, street noise or barking dogs and let you focus on the task at hand.  Best place to place the machine is near the door or window.
  2. Twigo Up! Get Twigo Tags or the Silencer Pocket for your pets. No more jingling, jangling and hectic noise from your dogs or cats playtime or running around during your naptime.
  3. Power down! Don’t just but your computer and your printer to asleep, actually have a cut off time for when your work day ends and literally power down.
  4. Cancel it! Try Noise canceling head phones, they can often do the trick to quiet the barking dogs.
  5. Got Cable? Unplug your box before going to bed or on the weekends.  You’ll be saving money, reducing noise and EMF signals for a much need peace and relaxation.  Both you and your pet will get a more peaceful rest.

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