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The full Moon and Pets

Do our pets get into more mischief during a full moon? 

An 11-year study conducted by researchers at the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences investigated the frequency of feline and canine emergency veterinary visits in conjunction with the lunar cycle.

More cats & dogs were brought to the emergency veterinary hospital during the full moon than in other phases of the cycle.

The study concluded that there was a “significant increase” in such emergencies during this lunar phase.

The Colorado State University numbers indicate that emergency veterinary visits for felines rose nearly a quarter — 23 percent — during full moon phases. The reasons for the emergency visits ran the gamut, including trauma, seizures and cardiac arrest.
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The verdict is still out if the “full-moon effect” is responsible.  But if you see your pet acting out, around July 1st (TODAY) and 31st, you might just be convinced that it is because of the moon.

Here are just a couple tips to help your cat stay out of harms way during the full moon.

Prevent over heating

  • In summer ditch the furry heavy blankets and beds and use light weight cotton blankets or something breathable to keep cool
  • Keep a ceiling fan or a personal fan on during the night to keep cool
  • Access to shade
  • Cat’s like fresh water, so put the toilet seat up or get a fresh water fountain

Keep Kitty Busy !

  • Kitty Grass can keep them occupied and not worried about the lunar situation
  • Make a DIY Obstacle Course! Cats like to jump high, so make a trail, laden with treats to keep them intrigued to stimulate and decrease excess energy in your feline friend
  • Create a great hiding place if they don’t already have one!

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