Apartment Living with Pets

I am reposting this post.  from Jeanne Foguth’s Blog. 

Apartment Living with Pets. 

Did you know that someone did a study of the pets apartment-dwellers have and that the favorite pet was a cat? (62%) … At 4%, the least popular category was reptiles, not being fond of snakes, I completely understand this, but admit that I’m surprised as many as 4% have reptiles. Aside from percentages, this info-grahic gives useful information on looking for an apartment, moving, etc.


TwigoTag’s Note:  Remember when living with pets or moving with your pets, it is important to have 3 forms of ID at all times.

  1.  Microchip
  2. Pet ID Tag preferrably a TwigoTag (www.twigotags.com)
  3. Municipality or Rabbies tag

Source: Apartment Living with Pets


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